Johnny’s psychedelic breakfast (improv!!!)

Johnny\'s psychedelic breakfast (improv!!!)

IMPROVISATION!!! (The reason there is no picture is because I believe you just have to hear what I have to play, that’s all I want, it shouldn’t matter what I look like, I’m just a guitarist who needs a band… If you like what you hear, please! send this to your friends! OH and sorry about the tuning lol!) YO GUYS! Sooooo… this is just me ripping it up on guitar! I NEED a band! let’s see if YOUTUBE REALLY works lol! There’s only ONE guitar player, I can also sing and I have lyrics written, just need a bassist and a drummer!! Running no effects but a lil bit of reverb, through a VOX VT30 amp… TUBE power!! CHECK THE TAGS FOR INFLUENCES!!!…

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